Mount Everest Topographic Map

Mount Everest Topographic Map



Here we have a beautiful multi layered topographic map of Mount Everest

Built by hand using over 10 individual layers it forms a tactile and unique item of art that i am incredibly proud of. It takes over 9 hours to produce and is one of the most labour intesive designs i have with every individual layer being aligned and glued by hand. 

This design is a real labour of love. 

Each layer shows another step in elevation leading to a unique item of art.

The materials used are a combination of high density draft board and a lighter birch wood to create contrast.

Every order is designed, manufactured and built by myself meaning you get a unique item direct from the creator.


10in x 14in x 1.57in

35.5cm x 24.4cm x 4.4cm

Data provided by:

(C) Mapbox (C) OpenStreetMap

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