Custom Location Resin Encased.

Custom Location Resin Encased.



Im incredibly proud to present my latest line of designs to you. These resin encased maps give a uniquely striking modern look that incorporates a minimalistic road mesh with high quality epoxy resins to create the impression of being encased in ice.

Built by hand taking over a week per map for curing and polishing these maps are a real labour of love

The epoxy resin used is the highest quality “glasscast” bran epoxy that will not yellow over time and is very UV stable. This is the same resin used in high end river tables.

Every order is designed, manufactured and built by myself meaning you get a unique item direct from the creator.

Throughout the process you will be provided with proof images to make sure your map has the view you are looking for.


11in x 15in x 1.5in

Data provided by:

(C) Mapbox (C) OpenStreetMap


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