Hyrule Map Multi Layer

Hyrule Map Multi Layer


Treat yourself to a hand made unique item of art for your home. 

This amazing item of art is inspired by the Zelda Series. A multi layered 3d map of Hyrule made of 9 layers of wood.

Each layer is made from a variety of 4mm thick draft board 

These layers are then hand assembled and hand glued to make a single incredible multi layered item of art that can either be hung or stand on its own.

A huge amount of love and time goes into these with each item taking over 2 days to make.

The dimensions are 38.6cm by 26cm

These items are made to order so please allow up to 3 weeks for orders to dispatch to allow time for manufacture. Items are often dispatched in less than a week but i advise two for peak times.

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