Custom Location Marathon Map.

Custom Location Marathon Map.


Thank you for embarking on the journey of a custom made marathon map to commemorate your amazing achievement. I cannot wait to get started on your request. At the end of this process there will be a genuinely unique item, handmade for you.

These Marathon maps feature the usual overview style multi layer map designs but then integrate your run and its route into the design. A custom time and other custom text can be added as needed to the area at the bottom of the item. You have achieved something incredible and I think these items are a great way to immortalise that achievement for years to come. I can even produce the route from your own Strava data for something entirely unique to you.

Once you purchase this listing i will begin work on a proof image within 48 hours for you that will show the location requested in the style shown here in the listing images. If you have strava data for your run. I’m happy to use that as the basis for the route.

If you would prefer to have a discussion prior to purchase please get in touch via the form on this page and i will get back to you asap.

When you add the item to your cart please complete the form that appears with your desired location and and other edits you would like!

Any and all edits at this point are fine. Want a closer zoom? No problem. Change the area shown a little? No problem. If at any point before going to manufacture you change your mind you are fully entitled to a refund. You are 100% a part of this process and my number one objective is to create an item you are in love with.


10in x 14in x (depth depends on location 11 layers is 4.4cm)

35.5cm x 24.4cm x (depth depends on location 11 layers is 4.4cm)

The materials used are a combination of high density draft board which has a beautiful neutral shade and a lighter birch wood to create contrast.

Every order is designed, manufactured and built by myself meaning you get a unique item direct from myself.

Thanks again for your custom.

Dark Walnut Option

This design is also available in my new Walnut dark woods. This is perfect for a room that would suit a darker accent.

The gallery linked here shows some examples of this style that can be replicated with this location. Just select the dark woods option when purchasing.

Data provided by:

(C) Mapbox (C) OpenStreetMap

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