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handmade multi layered maps

Art For the places you've been and the moments you've had

Wood meets laser. you meet something beautiful.

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The Overview Story


At overview my number one goal is simple, to make the most beautiful cartographic items i can for you. every item sold here at overview is designed, manufactured, built by hand and then shipped by myself. David. Hi!

Earlier this year my maps were lucky enough to win the prestigious overall award from the British Cartographic Society as well as the award for 3d mapping from Garsdale Design.

Take a look at some of My work below.

I specialise in highly detailed multi layered items of cartographic art featuring locations from around the world both man made and natural.

I realized up there that our planet is not infinite. It’s fragile. We look pretty vulnerable in the darkness of space.
— Alan shepard - Astronaut. Talking of the "overview effect"

What Makes An overview Map?

All items are designed in house and then hand assembled before being signed and numbered on the reverse. The process is multi staged and time intensive but the end result is something I am incredibly proud of.



Software tools built in-house enable me to take mapping data and split it into layers such as water, land, road and topographic elevations

This allows me to design beautiful multi layered maps that are unlike any other you have seen. They have weight, tactility and stand proud on their own.

Wherever you place them in your home, I hope they catch eyes and start conversation.

laser smaller.jpg


My designs are aligned and cut in-house on a laser cutter.

Laser cutting brings incredible accuracy with great flexibility regarding material.

Each item requires around 3 - 5 hours of cutting time depending on the complexity of the design and the number of layers involved.

The result is multiple individual laser cut layers that are then built up by hand to make an Overview map.


Manhattan laser cut map


Once the manufacturing phase is complete, I hand assemble every item from multiple laser cut layers.

These layers are individually aligned and glued with each layer being set before moving onto the next.

The total time taken for assembly is upwards of 2 hours to allow glues to set and final alignment to be checked before shipping.

As Overview maps are hand built, you know your map will be unique to you.

The first day or so we all pointed to our countries. The third or fourth day we were pointing to our continents. By the fifth day we were aware of only one earth
— Astronaut Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud and the "overview effect"
overview logo.jpg

WHY MAPS? Why Overview?

The quote above is one of many descriptions of what is know as the "Overview Effect".

Astronauts spend time in space looking back at earth in its totality and it fundamentally changes who they are.

Barriers between nations disappear. The scale of human development on earth becomes clear and the fragility of our pale blue dot hovering in space becomes brutally apparent. 

A very small percentage of humanity will ever be lucky enough to experience this effect. For us, maps are the closest we will ever get to seeing the totality of nature's beauty and the intricate structures we have built across it. 

If humanity could see this, it would understand its place in the universe a little better.

This is why I have always loved maps. This passion is what has led me to make these items for you. 

Total Time taken from design to fully assembled? 7 - 10 hours. It’s a process, but one that results in something beautiful

Hello. This is me. 

I'm David and I’d like to say hello.

So... Hello!

With a background in web design and part of my career spent in data analysis, this fusion of data and beautiful design is something that’s always been a part of my life.

Cartography has always been my passion and now I get to bring my work to you. 

I’m privileged to be given the opportunity to create these items for you, my potential customer, and I want to create something for you that you will treasure forever.

Be it a decoration for your home, a graduation gift, a moving present or just something special to you, I’m happy to be given the chance to make something beautiful for you.

Every item I sell here is designed, manufactured, assembled and then shipped by me personally.


Where The magic happens.

The sleepy Cathedral city of Durham UK is the home of Overview.

Be sure to check out Durham UK on Google images. It’s a beautiful place and a World Heritage Site.